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Birthday Cake

It was iWoz‘s birthday a few months back and I wanted to bake a cake. He, however does not give two hoots for birthdays or cakes. ‘Just like any other day.’ he shrugs and that I do not accept. Birthdays

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Of weird names

iWoz has this habit of naming everything and everyone. I did tell you how I became UR, did not I?. Our daily conversations are dotted with these words and it is difficult for a listener to understand what we speak.

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The Little Spider

The little spider crouched against the wall, trying to decide where to start spinning its web. The very thought made her feel so joyful. Ah! The spot next to the ventilator seemed to be ideal. She quickly scampered off to

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The Wait

‘He has done it again!’ she frowned glancing at her watch. For the third time this week, he was late. It was getting dark, and the street was abandoned. She tapped her foot impatiently waiting for John and wondered why

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Uniqueness. No Songs in iPod.

An interesting finding in the UR household. There are no songs in any of our gadgets! None at all. Be it smart phones, idevices (pad, pod or ped, pid, pud for all we know they might come out soon as

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