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Of weird names

iWoz has this habit of naming everything and everyone. I did tell you how I became UR, did not I?. Our daily conversations are dotted with these words and it is difficult for a listener to understand what we speak.

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Laundry Therapy

You read that right. I recently discovered this amazing way of rejuvenating myself by hanging wet clothes on a clothes line. I know, I might as well carry a neon sign saying ‘retard’. But I swear I was transformed into

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DIY Hand painted Bed Linen

When my mum-in-law came to know that I have an artistic flair *ahem*,she decided she would love to have a bed linen hand painted by her daughter-in-law.So she buys a plain bed sheet and hands it over to me and

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Prized prizes

When I was small, I really wanted to win a prize. It was not a big deal for my sister who seemed to bag every single prize out there in the universe. I used to look longingly at the wrapped

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The perks of having a friend…

…whose company sends him to the US for official trips:-).

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