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Birthday Cake

It was iWoz‘s birthday a few months back and I wanted to bake a cake. He, however does not give two hoots for birthdays or cakes. ‘Just like any other day.’ he shrugs and that I do not accept. Birthdays

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Layered Chicken and Egg Cake

I came across this recipe a few days back and was amazed. A layered chicken savory cake for which you don’t need an oven! Much like a traditional Quiche without a crust. I was impatiently waiting to run home from

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Mom’s Kitchen Garden

Did I tell you that my parents live in a mini paradise-kind-of place?Did I forget to mention I happen to be there right now?And most important of all did I not tell you about my mum’s kitchen garden?No? Really? Well

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Pizza Love

Growing up in a small town, the illusions of big cities always left me and my friends bewildered. Me and my friends, together we formed the Cycle Gang. We thought of naming our gang ‘The Famous Five’, but that did

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Nutella Butter Cake

I baked this cake for an expecting mom in my family. Gifting food makes sense to me.The recipe is from here.Divya’s Easycooking is my go-to resource for all the food I prepare right from the days I started cooking.I have

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