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Boredom + Pushy Lamp Shade = Makeover

Me: I am bored. Lamp Shade: Yeah right. *rolls eyes* Me: Now there was no need to be sarcastic. I really am bored. I would love to paint but feeling too lazy to get my painting supplies, prepare the canvas

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DIY Flower Vase

Did you know that you could transform an old soda bottle into a chic flower vase? Yes, you could. All you need is a spray pain, decorative tape and a small piece of satin ribbon. Once you are done with

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DIY Wall Photo Gallery

For a long time, my mom was asking for a family photograph to be framed and mounted on an otherwise empty wall at my parent’s place. It was so hard for her to arrange for everyone to be at one

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DIY Magnetic Key Holder

I wanted a key holder for the longest time.’What’s the big deal?Go buy one!’- I know that is what you are thinking.But the problem was that I wanted to make one by myself(you know,the DIY bug).And this is what I

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DIY Hand painted Bed Linen

When my mum-in-law came to know that I have an artistic flair *ahem*,she decided she would love to have a bed linen hand painted by her daughter-in-law.So she buys a plain bed sheet and hands it over to me and

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