Birthday Cake

It was iWoz‘s birthday a few months back and I wanted to bake a cake. He, however does not give two hoots for birthdays or cakes. ‘Just like any other day.’ he shrugs and that I do not accept. Birthdays are meant to be really special. You have to wear a brand new dress, some one has to show up with special gifts and of course there has to be cake! To make up for his irksome attitude I go overboard and all my near and dear ones are ‘made-to-feel-special’ on their birthdays. Yes, even those who do not want to feel special. A while back, I came up with a ‘baked-from-scratch-whipped-cream-frosting-chocolate-cake’ for ZK. I even piped blue roses on it.image
Go Ahead. You are allowed to laugh at my terrible piping skills.
But, iWoz’s Birthday took my cake baking and decorating skills to a whole new level. For one, I had to bake a cake and decorate it without iWoz knowing about it. A watsapp group was created with me, ZK, Jess(ZK’s better half) and V (iWoz’s junior at work) for this secret mission. I wanted to bake an Iron Man cake(iWoz is a Tony Stark fan).For inspiration, I did the obvious and typed ‘iron man cake’ in Google and hit search.
I was shattered blown away by the sheer creativity of ‘Iron Man cake’ baking people out there.
There were a gazillion options available in the net and I had thought ‘I am going to bake the first Iron Man cake ever.’ It is official now. I live in a cave.
Although the googling experience was traumatic enlightening, I was bent upon making a serious dent in the ‘Iron Man cake universe’ and finally I was ready with my plan. This is what I came up with after 5 hours of running around like a headless chicken.

When the clock struck 12, my team appeared at the door with the cake. It was fun and iWoz loved it. The iron man chocolate mask nearly stole the show but for our darling Pappali appearing with this adorable t-shirt on.
We were recently rechristened as Ambu and jiji by her.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank my team (ZK, Jess and V )for doing nothing other than sending motivational quotes in Watsapp. I did feel that one quote (“The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago . The second best time is now.”??) was a bit off the mark considering the occasion. V, who is slightly overbuilt promised me to kidnap iWoz, tie him up in a sack and leave him in the middle of the desert for maintaining the surprise which thankfully was not needed. I managed it by begging our watchman to hide the cake when iWoz at home.

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