Has anyone noticed my absence? I really hope so.
Judging by the teeny-weeny hits I get, I hope at least one or two of you have genuinely missed me. Just the very thought of you coming to this little space anticipating my posts makes me humble.*wink wink*
I can explain my absence. I had gone to this adventure trip in the middle of the desert and got lost (very me!). I was about to give up after days of being without food and water but the thought of this little space gave me strength. I fought dehydration, fatigue, dragons, trolls and I am finally back!
In other words I was plain lazy.
I would procrastinate to the point that it was beyond imagination.

Here’s a glimpse of my thought process –
‘Have to post today….what about the images…ok I will post without images…hell..i am so inconsistent…how do people do it?….should I make chicken curry for dinner….have to go for a movie…I am so busy…need to take a vacation…I hate my job…then I will post a lot of stuff on my blog…actually there is nothing to hate about my job….

After months without a single post –
…I will post without images….have to post something…I like blogging….why does my hair look so frizzy?..have to bake something today….i have to post…maybe after a quick bath…I am so busy nowadays….how do people do it?….

Then I would read books that talk about life being Maya, an illusion and then think what is the point?

What is the point? Really?

*Reposting an image from a previous post. Ha ha!

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