Of weird names

iWoz has this habit of naming everything and everyone. I did tell you how I became UR, did not I?. Our daily conversations are dotted with these words and it is difficult for a listener to understand what we speak. It happens spontaneously and he never thinks about it. However, I admit, I like it. We have words for anything and everything . Gives a personal touch. His brand new computer or server or whatever it is called (looks like a mini fridge to me) is ‘choma’s Superbwoy’. He is very particular about pronouncing it in ‘Optimus Prime’ kind of voice with emphasis on ‘bwoy’. His niece, who has a pretty decent name by the way is ‘Cheerani Borani Marconi Sparspashti BLIM BLIM BLIM’. The ‘Blim Blim Blim’ got into her nerves and she simply refused to acknowledge once she reached the age where realization struck that she could protest. Friends from college are still known by the names he gave them. I hardly know the real name of ‘thankappan’, ‘popri’ and did I mention that for him Paulo Coelho is ‘polo colo’? Maybe, born out of a need for convenience in pronouncing difficult words.
And it is rubbing off into other people as well. Why else would ZK call his daughter ‘Sheembali Pappali Alli’??

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2 comments on “Of weird names
  1. ZK says:

    Shillami Shillami

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