The Little Spider

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The little spider crouched against the wall, trying to decide where to start spinning its web. The very thought made her feel so joyful. Ah! The spot next to the ventilator seemed to be ideal. She quickly scampered off to the ventilator and inspected the spot. Her friend had recently taught her a new, sturdy design, and she had to try it out. The days ahead were promising, and she knew she was going to thoroughly enjoy it. She had just started to spin when she heard the click of the key turning in the lock, and she knew the human living in that room was back! She quickly sealed her work and went behind the ventilator to hide and catch some sleep. The new leaf which she had hauled all the way up was really comfortable. It smelled great too. Just as she was about to close her eyes and catch her 90 winks, she heard a sob. She saw the human crying looking at a few papers.’ There goes my quiet time!’ she sighed rolling her eyes aware of the drama humans create. Though the human had short hair, she could tell it was female as it wore long fabrics at times and applied colorful chemicals on its face. She unpacked the little bundle her mom had sent from the forest and started popping in the flies lying on her stomach to watch the human. She did it sometimes. She knew quite a lot about the human. It had beautifully decorated the room, but at times was messy and left food uncovered, which attracted insects thanks to which her meals were taken care of. Furthermore, the human left early in the morning to do something which she hated and got ‘the paper’ for it at the end of the month. Paper which the human exchanges for its food and other lovely things. Not once she had felt that the paper was so valuable, and they were not even big like the ones that the human reads at times. Thank god her world was not advanced. During the weekends, the human was accompanied by another one, a male, and they watched the colorful flat board which had talking and moving human. They never did anything that could give them real joy. Like spinning their own web or collecting experiences like her. Ah! Such beautiful experiences she has had, her favorite being plunging from the roof into the room releasing a thin, narrow line of silk all the way until the floor. She couldn’t help but smile thinking of the pleasure she had that time, when her cousins had come for a visit. Squealing with joy and mirth and laughing their heads off. Wasn’t that the way you are supposed to live? However, the humans thought they needed paper to make themselves happy. And, for that paper, they should spend their days and months and years doing something which they hate. How could someone spend their lives doing something they hate? She shuddered at the very thought of it. Can’t they get their paper doing something which they love? Is it so hard? On the contrary, wouldn’t that be the easiest thing to do? With these thoughts, she glanced at the human to find her fast asleep. ’Time for me to catch some sleep too’ she thought stretching and lying on her leaf. She closed her eyes, smiling, content with life.

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8 comments on “The Little Spider
  1. Lau says:

    Loved your story!!

  2. FEWbar says:

    …spinning their own web…very nice indeed

  3. Wendy says:

    I’ve always said we value money wayyyy too much. You can’t plant a $5 note and eat the fruit! Loved your story

  4. Kavita Joshi says:

    lovely and amusing story dear..thanks for sharing

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