The Wait

‘He has done it again!’ she frowned glancing at her watch. For the third time this week, he was late. It was getting dark, and the street was abandoned. She tapped her foot impatiently waiting for John and wondered why he seemed to be so distant and lost these days. He hardly talked to her on their way home and simply seemed to listen to her constant chatter. John had a busy schedule and work demanded a lot from him. She had to understand. However, work was always the same, and then what could be the reason? Was he having an affair? She panicked. ’Of course not, silly!’ she admonished herself brushing that dreaded thought away. That would never happen. ‘He was her John.’ she thought, smiling to herself. She decided instead of questioning him on why he was late she would be fine with it and surprise him with a lovely dinner once they reach home. She planned to make some hot clear chicken soup and creamy pasta, just the way he liked it. She always cooked his favorite food ignoring the fact that she did not like most of them. Anyway, her bad appetite seemed to have taken a turn for worse these days. She hardly felt hungry.
She was hoping that she had all the ingredients at home for dinner when she saw his lanky frame appearing at the turn. ’Ah! There he comes.’ she smiled. The tan-colored sweater he was wearing was her favorite and his unkempt hair was blowing in all directions. It couldn’t be tamed, no matter what. He turned and smiled at someone. Then, her world stopped. From behind the street appeared, a petite woman holding his hand.
She was momentarily blinded by what she saw. Her heart raced. Who was this woman? Was she the reason for his recent mood swings? Are they coming to break the news to her? ’Don’t panic. Stay calm’ she muttered. ’That has to be some distant cousin or friend he picked from the bus-station on his way back home. Maybe she is joining us for dinner. Praying to God that they don’t hear her heart pounding like a drum, she watched them approach her. They stopped right in front of her. ’John, we have a guest for today? ‘She enquired, eyeing the lady. ’God! She is stunningly beautiful!’ she thought feeling a pang of jealousy.
’Who is she John?’ she gently prodded. However, he was lost in that woman’s eyes. To her despair, she heard him say, ‘Stella, I need you to know this. I had always thought Emily is the only woman for me. She meant the world to me…’ She cleared her throat loudly and said in a disgusted tone, ‘Can you please explain what is…’He cuts her right in the middle and continues’…but now I realize I have to move on. And, I am looking forward to what is going to be between us.’ With that, he held the woman’s hands. She gave him an understanding and reassuring smile. Then, they leaned forward to kiss. ’JOHN!! NO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!’ She cried. She sat on the pavement watching them kiss and clutched her heart thinking of committing suicide. And, when they broke apart, he looked at where she was standing and smiled sadly,’ I Love you, Em’.’I LOVE YOU TOO JOHN! DON’T DO THIS TO ME. PLEASE DON’T GO AWAY FROM ME! ’She sobbed and stood up to face him. He seemed to be looking at something behind her and turned to see. And, then it sank. The world that stopped for her fell crumbling down.
Inscribed on the wall next to some dried flowers and her smiling photo was
‘In loving memory of Emily John, who was killed when an SUV driven by a drunken driver rammed into this very spot when she was waiting for her husband to walk home after a day of work.’


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8 comments on “The Wait
  1. 🙂
    I have nothing more than a smile to comment. It’s nice ….very very nice!

  2. Trit says:

    A very surprising story, I enjoyed it! Although, I would encourage you to proof-read more intensely, or lasso someone into editing your work, as the story contained a number of grammatical issues. Do not take that as a criticism, however-simply an encouragement. The story itself was quite beautiful and interesting. I liked it!

    • UR says:

      Thank you very much Trit for your valuable comment. I am really glad that you read my story and liked it. I am encouraged to write more stories. Also, I have tried to correct the grammatical issues. Hope it is OK now.

  3. FEWbar says:

    God damn lady…that was very dark…very different from your other largely cheerful writings 🙂

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