Uniqueness. No Songs in iPod.

An interesting finding in the UR household. There are no songs in any of our gadgets! None at all. Be it smart phones, idevices (pad, pod or ped, pid, pud for all we know they might come out soon as they are the vowels which are left). Nor in our car. It just happened to be so. We never gave a thought about it before. No, We are not people who hate music. On the contrary we love music. Now that is really interesting and I was quick to point that out to iWoz.’Maybe we are the only people in the whole of this world who do not have a single song in any of our gadgets!’For once, iWoz took me seriously and answered,’Maybe yes’. How unique! Now there will be a lot of such silly things which can make each of us unique. Don’t you think so? Are you the only right-handed-pinky-finger-nose-picking person in the world? No? Then tell me what makes you or your family unique. I am all ears.

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5 comments on “Uniqueness. No Songs in iPod.
  1. Possibly everything. Possibly nothing. Have to give this one some thought. But no music on any gadget does qualify, for sure.x

  2. Ney!! u giys are sui generis in this matter :D..i live and thrive in music…so no comments 🙂

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