Laundry Therapy

You read that right. I recently discovered this amazing way of rejuvenating myself by hanging wet clothes on a clothes line. I know, I might as well carry a neon sign saying ‘retard’. But I swear I was transformed into a magical place when I laid out clothes to dry yesterday night.
I was procrastinating as usual by trying to erase this mental list of to-do things that kept popping up in my mind like an irritating housefly. I like my house to be clean but at times I conveniently forget there are dishes to be washed and floors to be mopped. I simply roam about acting invisible until I trip and fall on something and realize immediate action has to be taken (which happens to be emotionally blackmailing iWoz to do the chores). But yesterday was ‘acting invisible’ day. So I joined ZK and iWoz for a game of Tennis (of course, virtually). I am a little weird when it comes to games. Let me put it this way-me and electronic gadgets are not meant to be together. I just don’t seem to figure them out. And when it comes to gaming devices, well I killed half of my teammates when trying to shoot the enemy in Blackops 2. Violence is not for me, I decided. In tennis my player acts as if he is either on dope or someone just died. I get thrashed about without being able to score a single point. But I do have my own ways of snatching a few points or on rare occasions even a set! Whenever they put on a head on fight with me, I get all mushy and puppy-eyed asking them to play mildly and the moment they loosen up a bit and I score, I transform into this banshee screaming ‘You take that! And THAT!’ (got to work on gaining some self-control). And I break into a tribal dance only to be mercilessly beaten in the rest of the game.
So after one such episode, I huffily went to my room deciding to do something worthwhile. And that’s when the mental to- do list popped again. ’Hang clothes to dry’ was the first one. Ok, I thought let me get that done. First I did a little fist to fist fight with tangled mess of shirts and bath towels and like you would have guessed. I won. Then I started hanging clothes one by one and suddenly I felt so peaceful from within. The clean feel and smell of freshly laundered clothes was so soothing. I was elated with by my discovery. And promptly shared it with iWoz and ZK. They told me to try dish washing therapy next and also added roasting chicken therapy would be awesome. I hate men.:-\

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2 comments on “Laundry Therapy
  1. Now this one was hilarious …” They told me to try dish washing therapy next and also added roasting chicken therapy would be awesome.I hate men.:-\” …Gud post ney..!

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