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Layered Chicken and Egg Cake

I came across this recipe a few days back and was amazed. A layered chicken savory cake for which you don’t need an oven! Much like a traditional Quiche without a crust. I was impatiently waiting to run home from

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The Wait

‘He has done it again!’ she frowned glancing at her watch. For the third time this week, he was late. It was getting dark, and the street was abandoned. She tapped her foot impatiently waiting for John and wondered why

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Uniqueness. No Songs in iPod.

An interesting finding in the UR household. There are no songs in any of our gadgets! None at all. Be it smart phones, idevices (pad, pod or ped, pid, pud for all we know they might come out soon as

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Laundry Therapy

You read that right. I recently discovered this amazing way of rejuvenating myself by hanging wet clothes on a clothes line. I know, I might as well carry a neon sign saying ‘retard’. But I swear I was transformed into

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What makes you walk out of a movie theatre?

I am a big time movie fan. I enjoy the whole experience of going to theatres right from my childhood days which were highlighted with conical packs of groundnut to now, where they are replaced by popcorn flavored with all

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