DIY Wall Photo Gallery

photo (1)
For a long time, my mom was asking for a family photograph to be framed and mounted on an otherwise empty wall at my parent’s place. It was so hard for her to arrange for everyone to be at one place at a time that she had pretty much given up on it. The solution I could come up with was to make her a wall gallery this time, when i travelled to India, my luggage included a few frames. I got them from Daiso (What a lovely shop!) for as cheap as 7 AED . Try getting frames of different sizes, shapes and details. I would have loved it if I had gotten an oval frame but all the oval frames seem to have gone into hiding.
photo (7)
I was thrilled when iWoz joined me for this project! We carefully removed the frames from the the rest of the components. Then iWoz spray painted them black.
photo (4)
Then we took black and white print-outs of all my mom’s favorite snaps adjusting their size according to different frames and framed them.
photo (6)
Finally, we mounted the framed photos on the wall (it would help if you decide the layout before hand) using double sided tapes. I procrastinated and just about managed to complete this project the morning we were to fly back to UAE(hope that explains the bad photos). We just mounted the frames randomly onto the wall hoping and praying that they are properly alligned.
photo (5)
Mom was delighted and she loves it!

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8 comments on “DIY Wall Photo Gallery
  1. Great job Honey ! Loved it !! Applause!!

  2. bhavani says:

    great job. any clue how to make frames if all i have is lovely strips of wood? the frame guy refuses!

  3. scribbleofhappygoluckygal says:

    that’s what i call a good job..!! it’s superb and i always love photo collage.. its so nostalgic..:)

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