One more victim

She entered the house like any newly-wedded bride.Shy,excited and a little anxious.But her fears where laid to rest when she saw all the welcoming faces.Everyone seemed to be happy to see her.Especially her first morning in the house was very reassuring, they were all smiles when they saw her.And in her eagerness to please she put extra effort and did all the work.She was happy that she was blessed with a beautiful place to live and thanked her stars.
But gradually she sensed something wrong.In the beginning,she ignored and tried to convince herself that it was not abuse.It cannot be!But what about the marks on her body?
And when the realization dawned it was too late.She was too tired to protest.They were all abusing her,hitting her,poking at her,shouting obscenities.It began right early in the morning and god help her during the nights.Even the kids of the family did not sympathize to her.They even threatened to cut her legs one night when they repeatedly banged her head on the wash basin.’Oh god,save me’ she cried out of despair.
But no help came to her and if it would have, she wouldn’t have been left in the streets next to the garbage can.She lay there shriveled and every ounce of energy squeezed out of her waiting for her last breathe.The last thing she remembered before closing her eyes forever was a ragpicker’s eyes peering at her and then being picked up.
The rag picker was joined by another one,slightly bigger than him.
‘Any luck today?’asked the bigger one.
‘No.Just an old tube of toothpaste.’ he replied tossing her lifeless body into his bag.


Often I have wondered how would it be if everything around us had life.The chairs and tables and shelves and spoons and so on.You know the very same things which seems so unimportant when we push them around but makes our lives easier everyday.Are we thankful enough?With this in mind, I also wanted to address the problem of domestic abuse.A feeble attempt at fiction.

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7 comments on “One more victim
  1. Shruthiy Das says:

    Well written … Applause!! 🙂

  2. Laura Crean says:

    I liked it – very clever!

  3. carmenw503 says:

    Not feeble at all.

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