DIY Magnetic Key Holder

I wanted a key holder for the longest time.’What’s the big deal?Go buy one!’- I know that is what you are thinking.But the problem was that I wanted to make one by myself(you know,the DIY bug).And this is what I came up with-
Let’s leave the speaking to the pictures,shall we?
Please handle super glue with care and gloves.Also, keep away from children.
For the final touch I drew a twine and some nails with the marker to give it a ‘lopsided-hanging-board’ effect.I know it looks a little cheesy but I like it.May be I will give it a makeover some time soon.image
Not so bad,eh?

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17 comments on “DIY Magnetic Key Holder
  1. ZK says:


  2. Shruthiy Das says:

    Great one indeed!!!

  3. iniyaal says:

    This is soo neat! Love this key hanger.

  4. Vinay says:

    Very impressive 🙂

  5. Khushboo says:

    I wish I could make it myself. But my artistic abilities are limited to making paper bookmarks 😛

  6. bhavani says:

    that is super cool. love using magnets for things. makes everything so much more clutter free!

  7. Maybe this is me, but I think it might be more cool if the magnets could be on the back so they can be unseen. I have some of the earth magnets that are very strong, but not sure if they could hold keys through a piece of wood – maybe a thin piece!

    • UR says:

      I did think about that but like you said its quite difficult for magnets to hold things through wood.But it would be cool if we could figure a way out.

      • I tried gluing (epoxy) earth magents to magnets and other things and sticking them to my fridge. The magnets were so strong that they would break the epoxy off the item because the bond was so strong to the fridge.

        With that said, what were these magnets? Were they earth magnets?

        I was thinking that if you could get a thin piece of [ply]wood you could just glue the earth magnets to the back. Or alternatively, get a thick piece and drill holes 90% of the way through with a Forstner drill bit and seat the magnets in there.

        Mounting through the back probably isn’t going to hold a keychain littered with 15 thingma-jig keychains but it would probably do fine if it was just a few keys (like you have in your pictures).

        PS – thanks for stopping by my blog.

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