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And in the Paradise…

….bees collect nectar from flowers to make honey. Yes, I am still at my parent’s place. The white cells which you see are the sealed eggs of the queen bee and the shiny cells are chambers filled with honey! Here

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My favorite painting and an award!

This has to be by far my most favorite painting. Oil on canvas and I call it ‘Roja’. I still remember being mighty pleased when I could paint the water drop and bring the right effect.The reference used was a

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Mom’s Kitchen Garden

Did I tell you that my parents live in a mini paradise-kind-of place?Did I forget to mention I happen to be there right now?And most important of all did I not tell you about my mum’s kitchen garden?No? Really? Well

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One more victim

She entered the house like any newly-wedded bride.Shy,excited and a little anxious.But her fears where laid to rest when she saw all the welcoming faces.Everyone seemed to be happy to see her.Especially her first morning in the house was very

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DIY Magnetic Key Holder

I wanted a key holder for the longest time.’What’s the big deal?Go buy one!’- I know that is what you are thinking.But the problem was that I wanted to make one by myself(you know,the DIY bug).And this is what I

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