DIY Hand painted Bed Linen

When my mum-in-law came to know that I have an artistic flair *ahem*,she decided she would love to have a bed linen hand painted by her daughter-in-law.So she buys a plain bed sheet and hands it over to me and says ‘Paint some flowers on it’.Never having fabric painted before,I was lost.
But I accepted the challenge and gave it a go.And the end result was allright,if I say so myself.

Things you will need –
1.Two pots of fabric paint(preferably contrasting colors,I chose white and royal blue)
2.A plain bed sheet with pillow covers
3.Flat brushes-75 mm, 63 mm and 6 mm
4.A disposable plate
5.A tub of water
6.A fabric hoop
6.And some newspapers

So first I played around and painted on the newspapers to decide on which flower is the easiest best.
Once you are all set,load your 75 mm brush with the two colors at the opposite ends and wiggle up and down in a circular manner keeping the tip with the darker color (in this case blue) of the brush at a single point.Petals are done.Now dot the centre with the lighter color using a size 6 flat brush.
Make as many flowers as you like,I went mad and decided to break my back filling the complete sheet.
For the pillow covers,I made flowers in a slanted line with the 63mm brush,and tried to create more slanted lines with contrasting flowers(white in the centre and blue in the edges). I was not happy with the results and so I made leaves on them and then simply lined using dotted strokes with the 6mm brush.I liked it.Here’s what it looked like
My mum-in-law loved it!That is all I wanted.Please excuse the shabby photos,I painted this a while back and had never thought of blogging about it.I just happened to have this compulsive need to photograph everything I do.Thanks to which I can share it now.

PS: I have no idea what flower it is.I was just hoping that it resembled some flower when I showed my project to iWoz and ZK.It dint go down well with me when ZK quipped,’Wow!Cool looking fungi’.:-/

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18 comments on “DIY Hand painted Bed Linen
  1. Ana says:

    Now, this is a real piece of art! Good job! Where did you buy all the materials, I would like to try something similar myself?

  2. UR says:

    Hey, thank you so much!you can get them at any art and craft stores.

  3. earth linen says:

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  4. It’s a fabulous idea to photograph all such creative efforts!! Pretty flowers.

  5. James says:

    Hey this is cute, you’re really talented. So this is how you paint a 2-color flower, I thought it needed two brushes. So it’s just a single brush with two colors of paint. Amazing.

  6. UR says:

    Hey thanks a lot James!

  7. Thanks for this. I really like what you’ve posted here and wish you the best of luck with this blog!

  8. Deblet says:

    Very cool idea,thanks for the visit to my blog

  9. timikaj says:

    Thanks for sharing…Great job!! I never heard of the idea. I will add to my list….Did I miss it…How do you wash it?

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