French Chocolate Macarons


Much has been written and said about French macarons. And yet, they do not fail to grab my fancy, especially those delicate feet. I made these beauties a few days back and was stumped when I got perfect macarons in my very first attempt. I used hazelnut cream with milk and cocoa to fill and sandwich them. I wanted to try a simple recipe and a quick search led me here. I followed her recipe to the tee. She has shared every single thing, a first timer might need. I suggest you finish your errands and set some free time and slowly go about making these dainty little cookies. Very therapeutic. I was elated to see little feet rising in my oven. Even dragged iWoz from his computer (that by itself is a huge task!) to come and check them out. A big shout out to Nags of Edible Garden.Such people who go out of their way to help and share makes the World a better place to live in.

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8 comments on “French Chocolate Macarons
  1. Nags says:

    w00t! 🙂

  2. Shruthiy Das says:

    Drooooooling ney!!!! awesome!

  3. babitha says:

    looks irresistible hun!!!

  4. I absolutely love macarons… I eat them, I photograph them (they come in so many lovely colours) but I have never dared to make any as they are known to require you to follow the receipe to the gram. For a first-timer, these look like pros! 🙂

    • UR says:

      Thank you.Yeah you need to weigh the ingredients before u make macarons. But I am sure if you try the same recipe,you can surely get perfect results.

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